BGA Rework Services


rocess Sciences specializes in the rework of BGA, LGA and QFN devices, BGA connectors, and various styles of bottom terminated SMDs. Driven by customer demands in the early 1990's, PSI developed custom convection air rework solutions for BGA devices, and continues to be a pioneer in the challenging field of BGA rework.

Because of our strong reputation and long history of resolving rework challenges, PSI is often asked to handle problematic materials and challenging applications, or to repair work done by others. In particular, PSI has experience overcoming severe deflection in circuit boards, part warpage, heavy copper ground planes, massive (>2500 i/o) BGAs, flexible circuit boards, interposers, and more.

Watch large BGA's reflow in real time


Watch in real time as PSI reflows multiple large (approximately 1500 spheres) BGA's.  Solder spheres sparkle as flux agents activate and burn away, and spheres approach reflow temps. (In this case, that's 217-220 deg C for SAC305 alloy.) As part nears end of the thermal reflow profile, you will see the near edge raise up slightly, then drop as the balls melt and collapse.

Our ARTStation convection air rework systems were conceptualized and designed internally, and manufactured exclusively for PSI. With bottomside heater capable of delievering 8kW power, flexible fixturing options, and an assortment of custom nozzles, these systems can handle virtually any size assembly, from large test platform boards to tiny mobile electronics. They are part of what allows PSI to remain agile in exceeding client expectations.


 BGA Rework Services