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reball BGAs tray

BGA Reballing Services


rocess Sciences understands how important components are to your business. That's why our facilities are ESD safe and precautions are taken to ensure proper handling and care. Before rework, components are baked to remove moisture. During sphere attach, thermal cycles are carefully monitored with regard to alloy and package characteristics. PSI inspects 100% of parts before dry-packing your order for return shipment. At PSI, your parts are in good hands. 

Watch as this component is heated to reflow temperature (235-240 degrees C for Pb-free.) Notice how the solder spheres align themselves in clean, straight lines, beginning in the center and working outward toward the corners. As the solder approaches its melting point, oxides are forming rapidly and continuously on the metal surface. At the same time, acids in the flux immediately break down and remove these oxides as quickly as they form. The activity of the flux enhances the flow and wetting characteristics of the molten solder, allowing it to react with the nickel plating that covers each copper pad. This chemical reaction forms an intermetallic bond layer at the pad interface, and centers the solder ball over the pad.

Getting it Right

Each package is a unique challenge. We reball ceramic BGAs, large BGAs up to 2800 i/o, and fine-pitch, irregular patterns down to 0.25mm. PSI technicians are trained on a combination of industry standard tooling, preforms, and manual reballing techniques, to ensure your repair is done right - the first time. Quality comes standard with every order. PSI inspects 100% of all reballed parts for defects under magnication.

Beyond Sphere Attach

Our technicians are industry veterans who can spot manufacturing or mis-handling defects and process indicators that others miss. With our fully equipped SMT laboratory conveniently onsite, PSI can also provide SMT failure analysis, ROHS compliance testing, counterfeit part detection, and more.

Ceramics, Sockets, Rockets and more

PSI can reball ceramic BGAs using high-temp solder spheres, and has developed processes for successful removal/replacement and reballing of myriad BGA connectors and sockets. We are equipped to reball ROHS components as well as tin-lead, and frequently convert from ROHS to Sn/Pb for our defense, aerospace, and oil industry clients that have high reliability requirements. In addition to designing and reworking interposer modules, PSI is often asked for sphere attach to circuit laminates. These abilities, combined with our large and varied inventory of spheres (Sn63/Pb37 eutectic, SAC 305, & high temp alloys in many sizes), allow us to match OEM specifications, meet or exceed IPC standards, and exceed customer SLA's.

But be careful! If you're like PSI's other BGA reball clients, you just might become attached!