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ECO circuit assembly modification



ust say "no" to scrap. And re-spins. And missed deadlines. Forgot something on that prototype board? Let PSI's experienced team accomplish your ECO modifications, while you avoid delays, respins and scrapped assemblies. All modifications are verified for accuracy and conformity to IPC acceptable standards. PSI's order management system supports complex ECO's to log and track the progress of each board through multiple phases, whether for 1 or 1000 units.

PSI can handle both simple and sophisticated engineering change instructions, including:

  • jumper wire adds
  • interposer design, assembly, sphere attach & placement
  • circuit trace cuts
  • through hole and SMT removal & replacement
  • under BGA modifications, such as wire adds or sphere removal
  • deleting vias
  • pop/depop
  • lifting leads

Modifications under BGA

PSI has pioneered a process for adding wires under BGA devices. Our ECO wire adds under BGA help design teams avoid untimely respins by adding/modifying circuit connections, and allow test engineers to probe individual pins for debug and test purposes. This video montage of X-ray images showcases our ability to verify hidden engineering changes using our two Nikon off-axis X-ray stations, so you can be confident the job was done right.

 Quality standard with every order. Groovy music optional.


Examples of recent PSI ECO projects:

ECO rework services