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Assembly Rework & Laboratory Services

BGA Rework & Reball

Your best resource for SMT rework, specializing in array devices, ECO modifications, and BGA reball projects.


CT X-ray & Off-axis X-ray Inspection

We find what others miss, with five motion axes, real time off-axis X-ray, up to 225kV power, and computed tomography 3D modeling.


SMT Process Validation & Failure Analysis Laboratory

Specializing in surface attach troubleshooting and assembly process validation.


Component Reclaim Services

Scrap is an unavoidable reality in electronics manufacturing, but there is still value in many of those BGA devices! When you send obsolete and scrap assemblies to PSI for BGA removal and reball, we turn scrap boards into good inventory.

Microsection | BGA Analysis

Micro-sectioning is an analysis method used by PSI for failure analysis and process validation. Microscopic inspection of the target plane can reveal hidden defects, process indicators, or anomalies.