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CT X-ray  XTV160

CT X-ray with 3D Volume Reconstruction


eal 3D X-ray with CT volume reconstruction allows 3D visualization and virtual cross sections of circuit assemblies, solder joints, and components. CT X-ray is the best tool for many applications, such as failure analysis investigations, reverse engineering, void analysis and defect visualization. Contact PSI today and see if CT X-ray is the right method for your analysis needs.

Nikon X-Tek XTH-225 Electronics CT X-ray Inspection System

PSI's Nikon XTH-225 system with 3D volume reconstruction is specifically designed for inspection and 3D visualization of electronic assemblies and components. Boasting 225kV power and flexible fixturing, this powerful system can reveal miniature features and furtive anomalies with amazing clarity and perspective.

Non-destructive 3D Imaging for electronics assemblies, for applications such as:

  • Solder inspection or visualization of BGA Package-on-Package (PoP) or interposers
  • PCBA failure analysis
  • Reverse engineering circuit layout
  • Visualization of complex designs and obscured elements
  • Verify build quality 
  • Confirm uniform distribution of underfill, epoxy adhesives, solders

CT X-ray can be performed destructively or non-destructively. For larger than a few inches, it is often necessary to excise the area of interest from the circuit assembly, to obtain the magnification and contrast necessary for a good scan. Obviously this method destroys the assembly in the process. However, Nikon's proprietary Xtract technology uses table rotation to allow X-ray scans of large, intact samples, with results that approximate those of normal (axial rotation) scans. The size of the board or sample, and the location of the target feature on the sample, will determine whether a particular board is a candidate for this method. 


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